November 5, 2010

First post ever.

Hi everyone, yes that means all you 3 readers ;)
This will be my first blog post, it won't contain much interesting things yet but I promise some reviews on things like nailpolish, Chocomint jewellery, Bodyline and a Innocent World violin bag replica soon.

Here's a little more info on me, as I didn't want to clutter my bio with too much crap.
I'm currently jobless, single and living in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands.
I have a cat, she'd about 3 years old and she was adopted from the pound, her original name was Sientje but I really disliked that old fashioned granny name so I quickly renamed her Shiva after one of my favourite summons from Final Fantasy and of course, the Hindu god.
Most days I'm at home, with her by my side, and to kill time I watch tv, and mostly browse the internet, sometimes shop.
I really love fashion, my style varies a bit but I mostly like what's considered alternative styles such as gothic and lolita but sometimes I choose comfort over style and wear warm clothes, as the weather can be quite harsh here in the Netherlands.
Often I order my "normal" clothes from the UK company called New Look, they offer nice clothing of generally good quality at great prices.
My favourite kinda clothes come from all over the world though, often Japan!
I quite like Bodyline, I know a lot of people think badly about them cause they do have a lot of questionable cosplay-ish items but a lot of the other clothing and shoes are great, my favourite print has got to be their pony carousel and their Alice in Wonderland print.
One day, when I have a job, I hope to be able to get myself some brand (or burando as we call it) like Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose Temps de Fille, Alice and the Pirates and Baby the Stars Shine Bright!
But right now, I can't even afford it when it's second hand :(
I got a major obsession with shoes and handbags (like so many women do) and my collection is ever growing.
Another passion of mine is make-up, I just love getting all dolled up, putting on eyeshadow and lipstick so do expect some reviews on that as well.
I'm also on a weightloss journey, I already lost about 35 kilo's (that's 5,7 stones or  77 lbs) but still want to lose some more.
Currently my size is a UK12/14 but I'd like to bring it down to at least a 8/10 or more.
I try to eat sensibly and exercise, I fell of the wagon a bit but going to start again after the weekend!
So I'll be doing one of my Rosemary Conley dvds daily again.
Then there's also gaming, gaming is awesome in my opinion, and I play Guild Wars almost daily, so give me a shout if you want to tag along or go questing with me, my characters name is Winter Leviathan.

That's it for now!

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