November 14, 2010

Neon & Pastel Frenzy

Yesterday I was browsing,uk for rollerskates, as I want to get into that next spring, with my sister as skating buddy.
Then I found these and fell in love:
How cool are these babies?
It reminded me of a fashion style from Japan that I love and want to try out, it's called Fairy Kei.
It's very sweet, very pastel and very 80's inspired.
I think I'll be trying that look this spring/summer for rollerskating.
Fairy Kei icon Tavuchi (the owner of Spank!) is a great inspiration.

She's very recognisable with her sea green hair and big glasses.
Really cute huh?!

I found some cute clothes from Jill punkxloli's shop has a very nice shop, I've bought from her before and she was very friendly and sweet and my order took only 3 days to arrive all the way from Taiwan!!

Then there's Refuse to be Usual's ebay shop, they also have some *really* cute items.

 I'm making a second post with shoes and accessories soon, cause no outfit is finish without those ;)

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