December 21, 2010

New Years resolutions

Lately, I've been totally slacking off, not exercising as much as I should, and also eating too much crap.
So as a New Years resolution, I'll be starting my new diet and exercise regime in January.
I bought this book, called The High Protein Diet by Dr. Charles Clark & Maureen Clark.
The diet gets good reviews, and seems quite nice.
In the first phase you can't have things with a lot of refined carbs (only 40 grams a day is allowed), like grains, fruit, sugar, etc but you're allowed to eat virtually unlimited amounts of veg, poultry, egg, cheese, meat, fish, seafood, and more.
So it sounds I won't go hungry and still get to eat really nice foods.
The trick is to limit the refined carbs, that way you also limit your insulin production.
Insulin is the hormone that regulates carbohydrates and fat metabolism.
My goal is to lose about 25 kilo's (3st 13.1lb or 55.1 lbs) to get to my ideal BMI of 21 and weight of 50 kilo's (7st 12.2lb or 110.2lbs) on my 155 cm (5'1") frame.
I really like using aerobic dvds in the comfort of my own home, so far I have lost 35 kilo's by doing just that (and eating sensibly).
But I want to introduce some more fun to my regime.
Wii fit was fun for 2 days but then I got bored as well.
My sister bought some games and I watch her try one out that looked like so much fun.
So I ordered that, it's called My Fitness Coach - The Dance Workout by Ubisoft.
Unfortunately it'll arrive after the 25th, so I have to wait for it.
I also ordered a hula hoop.
As a child I loved hula hooping and hearing about it becoming a fitness rage (some people claim it burns as much as 100 calories in 10 minutes!), I decided to buy a special weighted adult hoop.
After reading some reviews about  "massage hoops" I decided not to go with those as they cause bruising and pain.
So I chose one by a brand called Gaiam, which is foam covered, weighted and can be taken apart for easy storage (and it comes with a dvd).
To accompany this hula hoop, I also ordered the dvd Heart Hulaerobics.

What are your New Years resolutions?

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  1. Hula-Hoops are a hella fun~ >___<
    How did the Fitness Coach game go?

    Hmm, my new-years resolution was to do better with school...that failed. D: (lol!)
    Good Luck on your diet!! You can do it~!